Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Venue: Ballroom at Oakhurst

Amanda wanted to get married at Oakhurst as soon as she saw the drawings for the remodeling. And we were more than happy to make her wedding the Two Caterers' inaugural wedding and reception at the Ballroom at Oakhurst!

The points that made this the ultimate space for her event:

• Amanda and her fiancee live in Grove City.

• The Ballroom at Oakhurst is unlike any other space in town. Its large, curved ballroom has a mid-century modern personality all its own.

• The covered veranda virtually doubles the floor space and overlooks a soon-to-be Audubon-certified golf course. The natural setting is the perfect backdrop for her informal ceremony.

• Although out-of-the-way (really, when overlooking the course from the ballroom, you cannot see any powerlines or warehouses or signs of civilization), hotels for out-of-town guests are a short drive down Norton Road.

• Amanda will have kids at the reception, and the adjoined White Oak Room will be their hangout for the evening. We are hooking up a Wii and putting in some bean bag chairs along with their own dessert table.

Parking is plentiful. There are no parking issues since Oakhurst has its own large parking lot with plenty of close parking for the older guests.

• And, of course, the Ballroom is beautiful after its facelift! The changes added a modernist touch and accentuated all the unique aspects of the Ballroom.

We are 3 and half weeks away from the wedding!